Our Project

The rising number of refugees and the long-term existence of minorities and immigrants in our regions has been an issue concerning many European societies. On the one hand, these people are facing integration problems while dreaming of having a better life, and on the other hand, the societies they are expecting mercy from have strong prejudices and even racist thoughts, which eventually affect the welfare and comfort of both sides. Although it is always possible to live together in peace, persistent racist acts disrupt the realization of that fantasy. Fortunately, the power of arts is so strong that it can help overcome the problem. For this reason, using arts as a tool to discover and appreciate cultural diversities is the basis of our project, which focuses on gathering people together to break prejudices and increasing harmony of the societies we live in. The project mainly aims at using the unifying power of arts to break prejudices; encouraging the social inclusion of disadvantag.

The project will help all participants integrate better in their societies, appreciate cultural diversities throughout Europe and live together in peace, use creativity to fight against racism, improve their competences in ICT and languages and skills of teamwork and cooperation in transnational teams. As a result of their successful social inclusion and increased academic performance, the chances of a better future will rise up.

Project team including around 100 students and 10 teachers and administrators will participate in 5 exchanges. 50 disadvantaged students will be included in mobilities and more than 7000 people are expected to benefit from the project indirectly. Before exchanges, participants will be guided to complete the preparation activities and informed about the culture and law of the host countries. Legal requirements (passports, consent forms, etc) will be handled with the lead of contact persons. Participants will receive psychological support and guidance from the project team all the time and they will be informed about their role in the project activities. Meetings will be held before, during and after exchanges to make arrangements for successful management. Partners will make presentations and discussions where they will introduce their cultures; the great people in their histories, the games their children and young people play, their traditional dances, music, musical instruments, art.

The project mainly aims at using the unifying power of arts to break prejudices; encouraging the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups; discovering the richness of arts cultures; contributing to the re-discovery of forgotten cultural characteristics; raising awareness of the value of European Cultural Heritage; boosting creativity and empowering skills of language, ICT, and communication; improving the abilities to work in transnational teams and establishing the project management skills.