Srednja škola Vela Luka


Small High School Vela Luka on a remote island of Korčula offers curriculum with numerous extra-curricular activities and encourages students’ development by preparing them for further higher education. It was among first schools in Croatia to introduce e-school report journal and it was among first 20 schools in the country to enter pilot project E-school, which was a great step forward in updating educational process. The school is also included in curricular reform Škola za život (School for life) with aim to introduce innovative approach to teaching and learning process. Many students are involved in different knowledge competitions as well as in sport competitions. High school Vela Luka is a kind of school which has proved over generations that knowledge, persistence and hard work pay off.

The school offers grammar school programme, economy programme and vocational programmes like cooks and ship mechanics. The staff in the school are mostly young teachers (there are 27 teachers), highly motivated to improve teaching process and they are keen on progress as well.