Kauno r. Akademijos Ugnės Karvelis gimnazija

web: http://www.ukg.lt/lt
Kauno r. Akademijos Ugnes Karvelis Gymnasium (UKG) is located on the outskirts of the second largest Lithuania city’s Kaunas, is a school, providing secondary education which complies with national standards. It implements both the primary and secondary education for approximately 1000 students every year. Although the school does not select most academically accomplished and highly motivated students, it still has some of academic Olympiad title-holders in Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Languages on a national level. Apart from the compulsory program school provides a wide range of extra curriculum activities such as folk and modern dancing, singing, basketball, volleyball, weight lifting. In 2018 school was awarded with a certificate of the most athletic school in Kaunas region. School’s mission is not only encourage the students reach high academic performance but to offer the possibilities to greatly expand their horizons and help them seek their personal ambitions in various spheres.