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Bengünur Ceylan

First of all, I am very happy to be a part of this project. It was a very nice experience. I discovered different cultures. I had new friends. I thank my teachers for giving me this opportunity.

Melih Kale

Hi! First of all, I am really happy and excited to be in this project.This program will teach and educate me a lot. I'm sure the cultures of this project's countries will add a lot of knowledge and experience to me. I belive having new friends will be helpful for learning new cultures , people and improve my english. Our played games are was realy enjoyable. And I wanna say thanks to our project Professors..

Bilal Oğuz

Hello there. I will talk about erasmus. The erasmus project is one of the best projects I have ever seen. Because it is a really exciting and very nice feeling to attend the same class with foreign students and listen to their presentations. All of them delivered their presentations successfully. I congratulate all of them here.

Senanur Tunçsiper

I think Erasmus project was a great experience for a me because I made a lots of new friend foreign country and I improve my foreign culture informatation .Also I improve my english .Well , I joined this project .Thanks for everything :)

Elifnur Yıldız

We have come to the end of another very good week.I met a lot of new countries. I made friends from different countries.I also had the opportunity to improve my English. It was a very fun and productive week.

Ahmet Mert ŞAHİN

We met new friends with the Erasmus Project. it was a nice activity for summer vacation. and this erasmus project is a good memory for the future

Miray Aktaş

I liked the activity very much.I found this very useful. It is also a very good project for making friends.I like everyone's presentation. I would like to join again.

Zeynep Buse Çiftçi

Hello everyone , first ı would like to say that the erasmus project was really helpful for me .ı make new friends and know different cultures. I think this project is great for improve a language

Irmak Kütük

Hello, first of all I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. This project amused me a lot. I had a great week. I learned the culture of 4 more countries and made new friends. (I enjoy talking to them!). This week was very good for me. I wish we could join again. Thanks again. See you.


The Erasmus Project was online this year due to the pandemic,but it was very advantageous to be online , so many people participated in the program.Thenks to this project ,we learned new cultures.we made new friends.Especially the games were a lot of fun.Erasmus week was full.This project really informed us a lot.I would like to thenk everyone who contributed.

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