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Haticenur TAŞ

hello, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who made a presentation to us in the erasmus project. I had a lot of fun this week, met new places and new people. I learned about different cultures. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. I hope we can meet face to face one day. was a great experience for me

Bengisu Tek

Hello, First of all, I would like to thank everyone mentioned in the program and I would like to thank Gül teacher for putting me on such a beautiful project I had such a good time that I can't explain, I was afraid of how they would be on the first day, but they were all very friendly people and when we doing presentations we were so nervous but they told it’s okey so when we do mistakes we told each other it’s totally fine I made a lot of friends and had the chance to play and talk with them. I feel my language has improved in a week. All of them were so sweet hope we can meet again

Rabiya Gül

Hello! Participating in the Erasmus Project was one of the most logical decisions I made. I really enjoyed getting to know new cultures. It was a great opportunity to improve my English. All my friends and teachers responsible for the project were very sincere. I made new friends and got along very well with all of them. Although we were far from each other, we felt very close, our hearts were close. I love all of them so much ♡ I would like to thank all my teachers, especially my own teachers, for providing such an opportunity.


Hi! It was a wonderful experience for me. I learned a lot of information about all Erasmus countries. It was my first Erasmus experience and I want to thank all Coordinators for all events. I had fun, made new friendships. Thank you very much again, see you !

Serdar Aydın

Hello, firstly I want to thank our Erasmus Coordinator Professor Cemil, my Erasmus partner and his family and everyone who helped us in Erasmus project. I had a lot fun in Croatia and I met a lot of people thanks to this project. I learned so many things about Croatia's culture and their lifestyle. I tried lots of Croatian food and I liked most of them. My Erasmus week was so good to me. If I had a chance for join this project again I would do it again. I hope the other Erasmus weeks will be good too. See you.

İsmail Eren Tanrıkulu

Macedonia is a great country. When we go there first time I thought ''Meh, Skopje is similar to Sivas.'' but after we go there I see I'm wrong. Their culture is similar to Turkish Culture. Nearly half of them can speak Turkish. First day was hard for me because we made a conversation and I am not used to do it. Yea first day was hard but after that I used to do it, I used to speaking English with foreign students. Macedonia has a beautiful sights, especially Lake Ohrid. Lake seems like a sea. Anyway we went Bitola and we visit the Monastir Military Senior High School. This school is special for Turkish people because Atatürk was educated there. There was a museum in the Monastir Military Senior High School. I saw the guns, even Kar98 and M1 Garand. It was awesome for me! My partner Dimitar is a cool and funny boy, his family is friendly. Usually every night we went to cafe or shopping center and we had a fun! Even thought we smoke hookah too! Visiting of Macedoina made me more friendly and used to talk about something with foreign people. Before we went Macedoina me and my friends thought ''They are racist to Turkish people because of history and religion'' but it wasn't. I am so happy about it.

Cansu Şahinler

Erasmus project was a great experience for me. I made new friendships. I saw new places. There were very different cultures. My partner and her family were very kind to me. I had a great time when I was Croatia and my dreams grew with this project. I will miss Vela Luka.Thanks to my teachers for everything. By the way, fishes and potatoes were so delicious:)


Hi!First of all, I can't explain exactly how I feel.But I will try.I was just happy to see new places as I joined this project.I know now that this project is not the only contribution to me.My new friends have also been very valuable to me.I love them so much.We're still talking and it's so worthy for me.As for the new places and experiences I've seen,I have spoken to new people who have seen different historic structures that have recognised different cultures.I'm so glad I went through all this.I miss Macedonia so much and of course i miss all that people.thanks very much to everyone who worked for this project.You gave us an experience we'll never forget.

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